Friday, 12 November 2010


Missy funny paws is arriving today, cant wait :-)

Charlotte the rescur cat has at last enough confidence in my husband to sit on his lap, however she sits on his boney knees lol, not very comfortable.  He keeps asking me to make her a cushion.

SMASHEE BITE number 2 is winging its way to all the members - look in your inboxes.

Remember the cushion picture from a few posts ago, the green one.  I have a question.  How many of you go on a workshop or class or make something & then make it again & again in different fabric?  I took the green cushion, actually called OREGON TRAIL, to POPPY PATCH & Lesley fell in love with it, being of a generous nature I said she could have it & I made another one in this colour way.  I am calling this one MIAMI TRAIL.  It looks so very different in these fabrics.  It started me wondering about revisiting other items I have made & making them in totally different fabrics hmmmmmm......

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