Friday, 19 November 2010


Fog, fog fog thats today here in England, its a real pea souper here.  Went to town this afternoon, fought through the traffic to find beautiful sunshine, then on the way back, into the fog again, we live on the top of a hill & today wished I didnt!!
Here is a really funny picture of Missy cat on top of the wardrobe hiding in a bag, haha
Hee hee caught red handed, look at her eyes, such a funny face.

Kettering Embroiderers Guild last night was lovely, so nice to see everyone & have a chat.  Wendy & Claire Le Maistre were showing how to make folded flowers.  There was one that I had not done of a daffodil.  Wendy found out that they have 6 petals, I didnt know that I would have plumped for 5 petals, funny how you love the flower & dont know much about it isnt it?
They provided excellent handouts & lots of stitched pieces of fabric, beads & ribbons.  I was very proud of them as Wendy is a former student & Claire is studying for her Diploma in Patchwork.  I am really hoping that she will take over from me when I retire as she is so young & very clever.  Their work was completely lovely & such fun with lots of applique.  I have been visiting & finishing off workshop samples & am fed up with blogger for changing how to post pictures.  My jaw is improving rapidly thanks to Fran for all her help.
The next SMASHEE BITE will be winging its way to everyone this weekend so watch out in your mailboxes.
If there are any SMASHEE members viewing this & you have not received any BITES yet then please email me
Happy weekend stitching x

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