Friday, 15 October 2010


Hi & welcome to my new followers, at 86 now, only 14 to go to the BLOG GIVE-A-WAY I am hoping that this will happen before Christmas, fingers crossed.

It is so nice to read all the lovely comments & help that has been sent to me, especially during this rotten TMJ.  What a misery I feel sometimes.
This week started with my C & G machine embroidery level 3 class, who are in their second year.  They are  beginning their design portfolio on LINE.  I was in lala land having taken pills to get through the day that dont agree with me.  It was a beautiful day, a bit chilly but deep cerulean blue skies & wonderful shadows a.  Ilong with the  colours of autumn in England, deep rusty reds, limey green through to deep jewel green, wonderful complementary colours I had already planned to do group exercises & had asked them to bring their cameras in, so to have such a great photography day was a real bonus.  They had between a half hour and an hour to collect 6 photographs all on their prompts worked out before hand.  Each team had a leader (oh yes its apprentice time again over here lol) who made the decisions for the shots based on each members recommendations.  Each member had to take the same photo but from a different perspective.  Try it, its not as easy as it sounds.  They are to print them out at home, I am looking forward to seeing their end results.  They photographed in an Urban environment.  The same exercise could also be undertaken in the country, indoors or at the seaside etc.
Tuesday arrived with the second class of the new level 3 C & G patchwork group.  This is a mixed group between certificate & diploma.  It was an important day for the diploma students as they were deciding their Research theme, a major body of work..  We exxplored using texture, line & colour within paper & fabric samples.  Well done to all of them  producing contemporary designs including working with paint on fabric.
Wednesday was get up early day for a visit to the diabetic clinic.  I have been diet controlling the D for 18 months.  I have lowered my levels to 6.8 which I am told is very good.  I just wish that I could have controlled my stuffing through out my life in such a strict manner!!!#Dashed back home to teach manipulated patchwork, then in the evening I had the first session of C & G level 2 patchwork, with a large ability range.  I decided to design only with fabric & we tackled block template crazy patchwork using a monochromatic scheme, all students bar one chose Red, which was very interesting.
Thursday saw me at the doctors to get the medication sorted out, I then spent a huge amount of time in PCworld sorting out a laptop mostly for my husband to use, however the one I bought is light pink with white keys, hee hee, I just could not resist it.  I did get a really funny look when I returned with it at 9.45pm last night.
I picked it up before our BOAT meeting & sat in the car inthe town centre faffing about with it.
The BOAT meeting was lead by Janis, who had been on a course with JAMES HUNTING, she talked us through what she had done & bought a huge amount of wonderful supplies for us to use.  I was obessed with my puter & was very rudely fiddling about with it whilst she was talking, oh dear :-(
I spent the rest of the evening colouring onto papers, which when they are finished I will post pictures
It is now Friday & a day off waiting for my son to arrive with his kitten, as we are kitten sitting whilst he & his partner go to Prague for a few days.  I have had to clean up the kitchen for her as she loves to run around on the window sills!!!
Back with pictures when I am on my normal puter & not hogging the one that I bought for my husband hmmmmmmmm.......  Tomorrow I am teaching curtain making, such a varied week, oh & the face is still niggly but so much better.  Happy stitching x


  1. Greetings from Victoria Texas,
    I am very interested in your classes and shall explore more of your site this weekend. It all looks wonderfu and I have always been impressed with the City and Guilds concept. I look foward to exporing your site. Shelly Beth

  2. You are SO BUSY!!! I really admire how you have the time (and energy!) to teach all those classes while creating your own wonderful pieces! And kitty sitting! What fun...I love cats but my DH would have a fit if I brought home a kitty baby as we have 4 as it is. You'll need to post photos of the kitty.

  3. Are you drinking Sanatgogen woman?!!!!
    No wonder you get weary!!
    GO Girl!


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