Sunday, 10 October 2010


Oh I am feeling so much better today.
This is my feather head picture
Stitched on a very holey stretchy fabric
Variegated metallic thread in the bobbin
variegated rayon thread in the spool
Shows a much more contented Shelagh than the 'face ache' Knight picture above
A Knight on the Tiles was stitched by me
for an auction to raise funds for the victims
of the Tsunami
Please dont forget that the bonus for becoming a SMASHEE runs out on 31st October.  Off to bed now as have 2 full days of City & Guilds teaching.  Tomorrow Machine embroidery level 3 & Tuesday Patchwork & quilting level 3.  I hope that the new found energy stays with me.
I feel very tempted to post a picture of the mess which is my desk at the moment, but feel very ashamed :-)


  1. I am already a follower would love to have a chance at this giveaway .....x

  2. That is gorgeous!! I hope you stay feeling better!

  3. What can I say, Shelagh has taught me so much these last 8 months. My creative sewing work has taken on new with exciting ideas through her great instructions. I have learned so much. Thanks.

  4. I just love the face ache chap. My aim one day to achieve something like this!!!!

  5. love the machine embroidery...just given me an idea for another blog, thanks.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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