Friday, 15 October 2010


Here are some pictures of my sons kitten, Missy, she is so funny.  We had silverside beef for tea & I could not resist giving her some, (sorry Dan) she usually has dried stuff, wow she loved it (& me lol)

Missy in the box!!!

Huh I had 2 more but blogger will not let me post them, will try again over the weekend, but you can see what a pretty little thing she is & she loves hiding in a box & playing with tissues which she steals from the tissue box!! & leaves all over the place hee hee so ver funny what a little dear.  We are still feeding poor Charlotte, next door beautiful cat.  She is a rescue cat & very very timid, but she lets my husband stroke her now, she is not so keen on me, she wont come in the kitchen unless the door is open.  We are guessing that she has been locked up, it makes my heart so sad that anyone could hurt such a lovely little thing.  My neighbour is not being unkind at all, he got her from the rescue but he does not feed her enough, we know this as we feed her for him when he is away on holiday.  So its off to the pet shop I go each month & she only comes when she is hungry, yes I know they are little toads but we feel so sorry for her, she sits most of the day on our garden bench especially in the sunshine.
We have to be careful as we have an old budgie 10 years old, that has his door to his cage open all day, he still flies around, his name is toribudgie, we used to have 5 budgies oh they were so much fun just like a family each had its own personality & the one with the least personality & the follower is the one we have left, I knew it would be.  We feel really bad about only having one now, but he is really happy on his own, one of the other budgies used to pick on him so I guess he is happy in his old age.  My mother-in-law has 2 new budgies, I was really cross with her as she is 85 & we had decided that we would not have any more budgies & I guess we will probably end up with hers if she gets any frailer (thats not a word is it?)
Budgies & cats hmmmm not an ideal mix eh?


  1. I was in cat rescue for over 20 years and had a house full very often of kittens, older cats most often were in a 3 run cattery i had in the garden. Unless they needed TLC in which case theyd end up indoors. Glady my house didnt reek!!Kittens would stay with me, esp november thru to mid january when youd not home them on, because of the Christmas n New year euphoria. Of course, you shouldnt really get animals as gifts at Christmas, they can so often end up dumped by february!
    I miss the kittens, they were such fun to look after, though theyd wreak havoc with the christmas trees......real ones theyd bat hell out of, with baubles bouncing round the living room lol. Fake ones, they climbed!
    Ive 3 semi ferels left who live with me and they have moments of utter pleasure on my lap, are each totally spoiled, but even so occasionally they are as timid as ever.
    I feel privaledged theyve softened towards me over the years and can happily say Ive homed many hundreds over the years. And only ever had one back, a siamese, and I adored her so much I was thrilled to have her back lol
    She stayed with me till she died and I miss her to this day. Yet she was a contrary character, probably abit like me lolol

  2. Enjoy the kitten, have been cutting the quilt borders out and panic ran out of fan material........thank goodness for internet a fat quarter is on its way to save the quilt from being unfinished!!!!!!!


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