Saturday, 16 October 2010



AHHHHHHHH..........she is now under the bed, 30 minutes later, no she isn't.......where is she?  Panic PANIC PANIC, please not in my storeroom amongst all the fabric, I will never find her.  We hunt & hunt, jingle toys, SHOUT, walk about the house with bits of beef dripping off us (well not really that was a bit dramatic) bits of beef in hand.
Eventually we find her in the dining room under the sofa, cowering right at the back camouflaged against the wallpaper.  PHEW, that was last night.
Today after a very tiring day with really nice curtain making students, (oh and 2 people who wanted to observe me, who were sent away with a flea in their ear or ears - wish my English was better!!) we decided to let her into the sitting room WHERE THE BUDGIE IS.... next to the cage is the sideboard, full of ornaments - my lovely ornaments of tall elegant ladies (thin)  Well once I was thin & a lady (hmmmmm, skating close to the wind now) never ever been elegant, altho once a woman said that I always had neat hair - ok those who know me stop laughing now, I shall appear next in public with my hair like Danni Minogue from the X factor tonight, but I still wont look elegant like my ladies - oh where was I - oh yes THE B CAT, sorry the Missy cat, tramping along the sideboard all over my ladies.
She is now in the dining room, banned from the sitting room forever lol
Naughty kitten, on the dining room table.
Oh it wont let me post more than one picture again grrrr
Must go to bed now as my ears are ringing so loud sounds like a really good party to join in too.

I am hoping to stitch tomorrow - whoo hoo, use the sewing machine again.  Night all x

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