Wednesday, 20 October 2010



There was a question posted on one of the newsgroups that I belong to about printing onto fabric.

I thought that my reply might be useful to some of you, so here it is, without piccys I am afraid as I am in a rush to get to work

1. Iron your fabric, no creases

2. Iron the fabric to freezer paper, iron on both sides

3. Cut the freezer paper & fabric to size of your printer paper less a quarter inch wide & long

4. Make sure there are no DANGLING THREADS

5. Use a stick glue to attach the freezer paper to ordinary computer paper, a half inch DOWN from the leading edge of the computer paper

6. Dont get glue on the leading edge

7. Feed the leading edge through the printer, by removing all the rest of your paper from the tray & holding the paper straight

8. If the rollers will not grab the paper, then set them to the ENVELOPE setting. This parts the rollers to allow thicker (like envelopes or card) paper to go through

9. Let the print completely dry before removing fromt he freezer paper, which can be used again.

I hope tht this helps, I have been doing this onto all sorts of fabrics since 1999.

If I want to wash my fabric then I use bubblejet set or pre-treated fabric

By the way you can buy pre-cut sheets of freezer paper which are fab.


  1. Why, I was wondering about this just last week
    you must have heard me.

  2. I love printing on fabric and this way may help some of the troubles that I have. Thanks for the info.

  3. I print on fabric too. If it is for an art project not to be washed you don't need to bother with bubble jet set

  4. Fall as almost arrived here on the coastal plains of Texas.Really only have two seasons here summer and almost winter! Lovely weather 80's during the daY and low 70'S at night. I use printing on fabric when I need a specific image for one of my collages. I then thread paint the image. Later, Shelly beth

  5. I print on fabric using your method both to make lables as well as for projects. I do use the bubble jet and after all is done I spray with a fixative. Don't know why I do this, I may be paranoid, but do not want to take a chance that my work will fade(especially if it is in a place to get the hot south Florida sun where I live.)

    PS I love your colors! Joyce


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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