Thursday, 21 October 2010


Hope you like the new colour of the fonts, let me know please if it is still hard to read

Oh dear, oh dear, my son visited today & was shaking his head, I dont know whats up with Missy.  I said 'why' whats the matter.  She wont eat & is just lolling about.  Well I had to come clean.  Missy is a kitten & eats kitten food.  We feed Charlotte who is a full grown cat, adult food, Charlotte does not always eat the food, but when Missy was here she scoffed it up & didnt eat kitten food.  I had to tell him, so he has gone home with adult cat food in the hopes of tempting her.  (Didnt tell him she had salmon & THE BEEF episode)  One of my lovely students told me that her sons cat sulked after he left her to go on holiday so maybe thats what she is doing, hee hee, he is trying to fix his computer, I have a vision of Missy running around with the leads in her mouth & causing him havoc.  That will teach them to go away to fabulous Prague & leave her (not really they work really long hours & he has 2 jobs, one of them being a fire fighter)
I will report back what happens from Missy gate.
93......93.....93...lala only 7 more followers to go to the give a way.  Remember that if you are a follower & leave a comment you go into the hat for a FREE WORKSHOP, every comment is another chance.  I am going to prepare the names this afternoon


  1. Hi

    I just found your blog through the embellishers group. I have also become a follower. I have decided to start afresh with my embellisher machine and really start using it. I have only played with it until now.



  2. you will miss missy causing havok around the place

  3. enjoy the missy story. Looking forward to the next lesson!

  4. Yup much better colourways but I cant read the black replies very well now lolol


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