Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Remember that the HALF PRICE SALE is only on until Saturday lunch time, dont miss out.

Todays 'lesson' is on Papers. Papers to use for the transferring.  You need a non-absorbent paper, such as computer paper, which I know is a bit thirsty, but is fine for this method.  The thinner the better.    There are other papers to use & these are discussed in the WORKSHOP that accompanies this mini lesson.

You also need some pots to decant your dyes / paints into, dont use them straight out of the containers, you really dont want to contaminate your stock containers.  Have extra containers, like yogurt pots to mix your colours.

Paint onto your paper with a paint brush, covering the sheets in plenty of colour.

Please note that the colour of the dye / paint is NOT the shade it will end up.  Once you have painted your papers you need to do a trial piece to see what colour each one really is.

So now you need to leave your papers overnight to dry, yes you do, it WONT work unless the papers are completely dry.

See you tomorrow.

I am very excited as we have filled up our courses & might be adding additional ones.  Level 2 Machine Embroidery.  Level 3 Certificate & Diploma in Patchwork & Level 2 Patchwork. These are all running, so an exciting new cohort of students to meet & hopefully to inspire.  Also the sun is shining & it is lovely & warm & I am off into the garden to veg on the bench!!

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