Tuesday, 21 September 2010


I would love a comment if you are playing along (I know that Lyn is) just to see if all the effort is worth it!!!

I grandly announced yesterdayPELMET VILENE.  Overnight I had a thought that some of you have no idea what I mean.  So I have dug out the REAL name.
Vilene Specialist Sew-In Extra heavy white sew-in interfacing 239.  I buy 30cm wide but it is also sold in a wider width (that sounds a bit silly :-)  Anyway this is to one to use.  Now if you can / dontwant to get it, have you a stash of really old thick grotty polyester wadding lurking about?  Sandwich a piece between baking parchment / silicon paper & give it a jolly good hot iron.  If it compresses flat - does it?  Hooray you have made your own type of vilene.  Try using a few layers together, you could use fusible web to hold them together or Supermend (which is fusible web in powder form)  You want a fairly stiff base to work on for a book cover.  There are many other types of interfacing - LUTRADUR 100 or 130, only trouble with this is that we will be using heat sources & it has a lovely tend to hole & buckle ....hmmm great properties maybe for another project.  There is Timtex, buckram etc.  Hey use what you want, but I get great results from the 'Pelmet Vilene'

COLOURING - as the PV is synthetic it loves the transfer process, cant vouch for the other products (except the Lutradur) as dont know their fibre content, but just 'have a go'
Mix up the powder according to the manufacurers instructions.  More detail is provided in my TRANSFORMING WITH TRANSFERS WORKSHOP, arriving this week on http://shelaghfolgate.bigcartel.com
If you have the paints (in liquid form already) you are all set.
See you tomorrow, when CREATING WILL BEGIN ( cant today got to go to work, 2 new courses starting, hence the early post - wish me luck!!)

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  1. Super photos - I end up wanting to make everything I see on your blog!!


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