Thursday, 23 September 2010



Have your papers dried?  Remember this will not work if they have not.

You now have a bundle of shall we say dull papers - but the colours do not look like the papers.

From a piece of each colour that you have - cut a small square.

From your Pelmet Vilene interfacing - cut a one inch strip off one of the edges.  The photo shows all the strips together, which is a waste of your pelmet vilene, but makes an interesting transfer in itself

A padded surface, covered with silicon paper & a spare piece of silicon paper.
An iron set onto its HOTTEST setting

Sandwich like this:  from the bottom:
1 Ironing surface
2 Silicon paper (baking parchment)
3 Strip of pelmet vilene
4 Squares of transfer paper, coloured side DOWN
5 Silicon paper

Press with your iron, keep it moving, along the strip, it will take 30 seconds to 2 minutes to transfer
Lift up a corner to check
Further instructions in more detail are contained in the new WORKSHOP - TRANSFORMING WITH TRANSFERS arriving on Saturday when the current HALF PRICE SALE has ended

Ohhhhh look at the colour

Remove the silicon & the little pieces
See how bright the colours are now

Tomorrow we will create our piece..... by for now

Tonight is the launch of a new group AFFINITY I am a member & am leading it for a while to get it going.  I am still a member of BOAT so could be a busy time!!

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