Friday, 16 July 2010


I cant believe it !!!!!!!!! as someone said......where have I been in my head its been so long and such a lot has happened & I cant remember all of it.
I think I will post some pictures & maybe that will sort my head out hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Last night was Kettering Embroiderers Guild with Kumi Middleton, lovely Japanese lady who entertained us with a show & tell & talk as well as a workshop.  I really enjoyed the evening even though I had twisted my ankle that morning & it was agony (all together ahhhhh) nope it really was AHHHH!!!
For the workshop we had a piece of cartridge paper, lots of fabulous Japanese books with scrummy images in them & a large box of various papers to cut up.  Scissors & glue & away we all went.  You can se Kumis' bags on the website.  This is what we were doing in paper.  Well not me cause I am a rebel, a very quiet rebel but I felt very inspired by an image on  the front of one of the books.
This is the original

This is my interpretation, the glascine has made a diffused effect which I really love

I am very happy with my piece & now as usual need the time to develop it.

The word in fact is Chinese & means CELEBRATION, so I wrote out the word in pencil, traced elements of the symbol out of some fabulous goldish paper, then added texture with Japanese papers & Glascine.  Sometimes it is good to be limited with your media.  If I had been in the Studio then I would have had a far different outcome  I may not add the black, in fact I might try printing it onto black fabric treated with inkaid & see what effect that I get.

This has been taken with my fabulous new phone.  Since I have been absent without leave I have had my birthday.  I asked for aging face cream & the V & A quilt book from my wonderful children & they bought me a new phone.  A fab new phone that has a really good camera & can access the Internet.  I am now truly a 21st century girl.  I have had huge fun finding accessories for it & discovering what I can do with it. This is a diabetic birthday cake made by my son & is bananas & oranges with candles, what a hoot, I was really happy.  We had a barbie in their new house with their new little kitten & met my daughters very nice boyfriend.  So happy me (wish I didnt look so fat in the piccy but it is a funny angle  yeah right Shelagh)

I am busy with the annual bag summer school & the end of year classes.  One of my C & G classes has finished & all the ladies achieved a Diploma grade for their work

I wont put close ups of the wonderful work as some of the pieces are very innovative especially for level 2.  Yes they are level 2, I am a very happy teacher with what they produced in only 10 weekly lessons on the new City & Guild Creative Techniques courses in Machine Embroidery & Patchwork & Quilting.
This is the most amazing bouquet that I have ever received.

It was wrapped up in lots of beautiful cellophane , raffia, & sizoflore & was huge with some really unusual flowers in it.  It took 45 minute to un-assemble & find vases, the house looked fabulous & they lasted a whole week.  Thank you to a really talented group, hopefully I will have the good fortune to teach them again

At Moulton College each year the staff choose a picture or painting & it is enlarged & split into parts.  Like Rolfe Harris did in Trafalgar Square.  Each student has a piece & I also had a piece.This year was George & the Dragon by Rubens

My section has a horse flank, a snake, an eye & an arrow head along with alot of undecipherable colour & texture.
I was very happy with the piece which consists of underpainting by the embellisher machine, couching by hand & machine, wireform, hand & machine embroidery, then overpainting with various acrylic mediums & paint.
The snake is made out of pre-dyed & painted torn up tee shirt pieces that can be bought from Bee Inspired

I cant remember anything else at the moment & its geting late, see you soon x


  1. Lucky you, with the new phone. I've just been chatting with one of my friends (she is a Finn) about the V&A exhibition...small world, eh?

  2. Wow, what alot you been up to. My sympathies with the foot though.......I know exactly what thats like lol Your gonna have to stop dancing naked round fountains at midnight and stuff like that your that bit older an all........ :)

  3. Hi Shelagh,
    I've been away from blogland too. Nice to see the work and thanks ever so much for sharing those images from the Ashmolean, there wonderful. Best Wishes Tricia


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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