Thursday, 22 July 2010


The new image of the flowers are a gift from some of my lovely students.  The colours & flowers are so lovely that I wanted all of you to see them life size.  Thank you ladies

Hi, this was the view out of my studio window 2 nights ago. The cloud looks like a fist & the shading is so fabulous, I had to scramble about to get the camera in time to take this wonderful inspiring image.

I love funky, weird colour schemes, this piece is awaiting its quilting, which I will do at Poppy Patch on their Grand opening day next Friday
I might paint over it afterwards, what do you think? leave a comment if you think its a good idea.

As well as funky, I also love traditional colour schemes & traditional techniques. This is somerset patchwork & is part of what I am teaching on Saturday at the new Poppy Patch venue. I am pleased with the piece as most somerset is circular when finished & I wanted a square piece
This is a manipulated piece, which started out as a piece of plain fabric, stamped, stitched, cut, embellished, more stitch & coloured. The inserts are stitched paper. It is around 6 inch by 4 inch & would make a lovely insert into a piece of patchwork or a couple of brooches

There were more images but blogger eat them up. I will leave them until the next post.

The ankle has healed up, thank goodness, can wear my red sandals again, yipee. I just love red shoes. I wonder why? Last night I watched a program on the telly called The 60's -The Beatles decade & it showed BIBA in Kensington. Wow took me back to wonderful times trying on feather boas & hats & scrimping up the pounds to buy a few items from the shop. It was such an experience. I was only 14 when I first went there & the girls all looked so fabulous, long blond hair & heavy eye makeup. I guess my makeup is still stuck there sometimes, but I don't tie my hair up with a ribbon now, unfortunately but hey I have the purple car & when I get older maybe I will be disgraceful with a purple ribbon in my hair. Ha, my kids would be horrified, wonder what my slightly odd husband might say??

I am demob happy if you have not already guessed. I have 8 weeks of no work except for 3 & a half days, I feel a bit like I am spinning around in the garden under a full moon (LYN) really I should tidy up the studio & be very practical & finish off all the half finished things & then do my planning for next term, but HA none of it, I am going to pig out on rubbish TV & faff about doing anything that I want which includes stitching, painting & designing items for the open studios in September. I need to design my four poster bed that was kindly made for me by Richard at Moulton (thank you again) My theme for Heritage is Elizabethan England the first & the second, because I am totally an Elizabethan. Watch this space for how I progress. I have the design book........ bye for now
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  1. some terrific images on this blog. The life size bouquet packs a punch!

  2. Thank you, I wanted to share how glorious the bouquet is.

  3. lol I have this picture of you spinning about on the lawn, beneath the moon........where the hells your bra?! lolol
    Is this a real sized four poster bed Im, wondering? How many years have you got to complete it then in that case? Sounds like as fun project to really get your teeth may need more foil!
    Good Luck to Poppy Patch,hope they have a great start! I mean Good Luck on their opening, of course, and not cos your there! :)


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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