Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Victoria & Albert Museum AGAIN!!

Oh I am so greedy!!!  Along with my good friends & BOAT members Carolyn & Sheila I went to the V & A again on Monday.  Back to the Quilt exhibition for a second look.  What a joy to return along with quiltie friends & discuss our findings & to see the cot quilt again.  I was so suprised at all the different exciting things I discovered on the second trip.  We were in the exhibit for over 2 1/2 hours, gosh my knees were killing me!!!
I could not resist buying even more of the yummy unusual fabrics.  I even played spot the quilt that the designs were derived from, which made the purchase even more enjoyable.

Returning to St Pancras (spelt right for once) a huge elastic band grabbed hold of me and propelled me into Paperchase, made me get out my purse & buy 4 sample books, oh & Sheila suggested some rather yummy patterned tissue paper.  Its my birthday on Saturday so I feel justified in spending rather too much.  My hubbie is totally 'cool' about it as he does not have to go shopping for pressies.

The fabric itched at my fingers and I have produced the following so far.  I wont do a slideshow as a lot of people have told me that they cant see the previous ones.
Last week at our Embroiderers Guild meeting, Jenny Rolfe bought her quilts along.  I have always had a signature piece added to my quilts which is a folded strip that I call Shelaghs sparkle.  Jenny had used folded strips in a long brown piece that had great texture & movement.  I added this inspiration to the crazy quilt at the V & A & produced this piece.  I really enjoyed making it.  It is radical & contemporary with  historically inspired fabrics.  I may make it into a bag.  I intend to quilt it & I have a few ideas re smashing / bleaching / gesso.  Run out of time now so it will slumber (probably for years!!)
I love the way that the brown & green clubs look like arrows and are pointing all over the place.  I do such a lot of precise patchwork that this is a joy.  All the seams will be enhanced by stitch.  Fun isnt it.

Well done to England, what a relief :-)

I am watching Wimbledon & the astonishing match which is at 58 all at the moment, oh there is John Inverdale, Tim Henman & John McEnroe all looking very smart  9 hrs & 44 minutes for a match, history has been made.  But I shall watch Tribal Wives in a minute so night all x

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  1. I was longing to go to that exhibition at the V&A. I was in England at that time. But my sister sent me my train ticket as she wanted me to go down to Kent on the new high speed from St Pancras (is that right?) Nice blog, Jan


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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