Friday, 15 August 2014


Hurrah.  Ive fixed everything, the computer, the camera, the phone & Ive found the lead.
Then I remembered that Im on Goggle+ & I could upload directly from my phone camera. Duh!  One day I will be up to date with technology.

These are some of my photos.  I know there are loads, but there are loads that I dont remember even seeing!  So maybe you will enjoy these
Ive not put names or links, sorry but little stories might be interesting.  If I found the maker nearby I asked permission. These are my opinions!
This is the winning quilt & the winner.  Very elegant lady.  who spoke a little English.  SHe was showing everyone that the threads she used were all metallic.  She had a little torch & was shining it on the quilt.  I guess she finds metallic thread a challenge!  The quilting was was close and even.  The backgroundis  pieced and then quilted, I did wonder if it was a painted wholecloth but she said no its pieced.  I have seen alot of quilts over the years and many of African women.  Yes the quilt was beautifully made.  But the woman looked like they were floating.  Look at the group on the right hand side.  Okay being critical when I had not entered but this is the winner.  Sorry I didnt think it should have been.
Nice lady though, very excited. PICTORIAL QUILTS WINNER
Sorry on the side
Showing the applique, which was all turned edge not raw edge.  I guess thats why it won.  One of the crowd said she had won before.  But I didnt go FOQ last year, as I had my eye operation and had a pink sticky plaster over half my face and eye, not a good look, looked like a wonky cyclops!
I had decided not to take any pictures this year.  As Ive thousands, in the early days I would rush home with my book. All marked & get the photos printed out, then I write on the back of each one all the details, put them in albums and we used them for inspiration in my classes.  It is interesting to look back & see the changes over 30 odd years of quilt shows. Malvern is still my favourite show. ANy how I round the top corner of the contemporary category and was stunned by this beauty.  Huge crowd and a quilt angel.  The crowd were buzzing about, why this had not won anything.  The applique was stunning and so was the tiny tiny machine quilting, around the outside edge the binding was tiny half circles.
The quilt angel said that the maker was Canadian & had entered it in the wrong category, should have been in traditional.  Would any of us like to vote for it as visitors choice.  Again I dont usually do this.  I got most upset a few years back about the daft quilt that one with the fat ladies doing the Olympics.  I was incensed.  There is a huge post on my blog about it I think its 2011 FOQ.
Look at that edge.
Now since Ive been back & discussing the show with my students, Ive heard other stories, this is second hand and may not actually be correct.  But it seems that this quilt has been in other shows and a winner.  In which case the maker must have known what category to put it in!  It is still so lovely

So the phone was out and I sauntered along taking whatever I fancied, Ive no idea why some of them!
Nice foundation pieced rose
I dont know why, just looked jolly
I dont like wonky quilts or wallhangings, its the mathematic in me!
But I liked this and still do, a jolly garden
More gardens, nice busy arrangement
Somehow reminds me of my childhood with my beloved Dad.  The shadowy people say past times to me
Pretty cutwork pansys.  I love Pansys.  We have lots in our garden & winter ones too, lovely faces.
I remember why I took this.  I have a Bernina Spanish foot.  Or as Sally calls it the Ole foot (love that)  It does machine faggoting,  I have a City & Guilds piece that is cut up, but not faggoted.  In Affinity (the creative group I belong to) our theme from September is Transitions & I rather fancied revisting old pieces of my work & reworking in a transitioned way.  Good what others pieces say to you isnt it.


Isnt that wonderful.  Years ago I saw a piece by Tracey Emin.  It is a tiny bird on a brass pole.  I thought it was stunning.  This reminds me of that.  A bird used to be unlucky in textiles a few years back, but now they are everywhere & one is my logo
This quilt is balanced and beautiful.
The air conditioning was waffting this about.  Yes it was 3 layers, no they were not attached.  Yes it was pretty, no it was not stunning & why it had won beats me but here it is.
This was the traditional winner, too much white I think.  The motifs look 'plonked' I hate 'plonked'  I can hear my current & ex students giggling. :-)

I think Ill return with the others once Ive pondered them a bit more.

For those of you that do visit my website, Ive changed the postage rates
upto £15 is £2.  Upto £30 is £3 and over £30 is F R E E

That should make things very simple when comparing prices

I shall send out second class for these rates, although knowing me Ill probably forget and send first class!

Please have a look, there are many fabrics that can be used for much more than patchwork
Here is the link

Bag precut kits are selling well.  The feedback is that its lovely just to sit down and stitch and not have to find fabrics and then cut them out.

If you are local, my shop is open every Tuesday 10.30 to 3.30 at Cransley Village Hall, Northamptonshire, you are very welcome to come and browse, have a cup of tea or coffee & a biscuit & chat to the stitchers.
If you are coming any distance, please let me know  or

Notice the new email, ooh Ive had trouble with that.  I am very hopeful that between Fasthosts, Weebly and Google with little old me thrown in that its been sorted.

Its my sons engagements party tomorrow, I am so very very happy, congratulations to them both, super people. x

Thanks for reading x

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