Sunday, 20 July 2014


Well what a few days with the weather, stunning lightening & horrid thunder.  Hardly any sleep, gosh I hate it so much.  Resorted to watching Sleepless in Seattle & Youve got mail cause Im not allowed to sit in it even with my factor 50 hat on.
Ive got to have another op on my eye, seems its too tight, huh, I knew that, Ive a mini face lift on my right eye and the left is still baggy.  How do people do cosmetic surgery is beyond my comprehension.
Ive been busy stitching, Perpetual calendars for November & December, figure would keep me cool, heehee, now swollen ankles from standing nearly all day.
Got very upset at the accident at the German F1 grand prix & for all the relatives and friends of the aeroplane.
Here is a bag I have just made
Called Sienna.  It is a PRE-CUT kit, that means that everything is cut to size, just ready to sew.  They are limited edition.  Ive not put them on the website as they are going very fast.  If you would like one then please email me

My new range of Guttermann fabric called Veros world arrived, 58 inches wide.  So I am only selling it in half metres at £7 per half metre, thats the equivalent of 3 fat quarters.  Its selling at £18 / £19 per metre on other sites & mine is £14 so a huge bargain.  Here is a zippered bag called MEADOW again it is totally pre-cut with instructions of how to make it.  Pre-cut bags cannot be made in alternative fabrics as they are copyrighted to studioapatchshe.  They do not come with a pattern, they come with all the fabric pre-cut & instructions without measurements.  These have been designed & made by myself.
These are the lovely Veros world fabrics that Meadow is made from.
Im into teaching zips at the moment.  But sliding on the zip pulls onto continuous zip is soooo boring.
Again if you would like a bag kit please do get in touch.

We have also been away alot at our daughters on nana duty, with a little man who is crawling about, standing and walking around the furniture, he is not 10 months yet.  Such a lovely little lad, very happy and bright, but not a sleepy child!
He is keeping me on my toes and the weight off.  Ive still lost 3 stone and all last summers clothes are falling off me.  Ive had trips to Oxfam & to M & S to replace everything & I mean everything, only downside is the huge bingo wings & withered boobs, but I love wearing uplift bras, gosh stuff has changed so much since I became fat!  I even treat myself now to giant chocolate buttons & the dreaded D, without the pills seems to be okay.  Except this morning where I was parading around in a new pair of cargo trousers size 16 (bit tight round the tummy roll), having just pricked my finger, I ended up with what looked like a gallon of blood (yep exaggeration) all over my cream trousers.  Took ten minutes of saliva to get it all off, by then I was so hot that I had to sit by the fan.  WHen they dried I lasted an hour before they had to be removed.  Still I could get them on & do the button up! Result.
Enough of the waffle.  Time to try & sleep, before teaching feather & whip stitch tomorrow, Ive some great ideas, well I think they are great, dont know what my masterclass will think
Thanks for reading x

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