Tuesday, 1 July 2014


I cant believe that its nearly a month since I posted.  It seems that Facebook has taken over from blogs.  Mywe bsite posts directly to Facebook, I widh I could get it to post here as well.
Ive been busy Nanaring again.  Its so wonderful being a Nana, I never ever thought I would be this smitten.
Ive had no time to make art or textiles, except for a prototype of a zippered bag, that needs defining.
Today Ive had a large shipment of fabric arrive.
Just released is Veros world, by Gutermann fabrics called Country Chic Cottage

These are small patterns, suitable for any project.
I am selling a metre for £11.75, which may be the cheapest on the web for just released fabric.  They are extra wide too at 54 inches so it really good value.

Now Ive to design some pre-cut items.  Ive such a long list.

Oh by the way, Thethreadstudio.com ezine 5 has just been released with my links & connections workshop in.  It has a challenge and also Ive done a guru.
A fabulous magazine with lots of articles & workshops.
Thanks for reading x

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