Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Hellooo again, Im so sorry I promised to blog more and then didnt.

Ive had a fabulous time.  Moving my daughter & 8 1/2 month old grandson (yep he really is that old already) from a third floor flat with no lift to a spacious 4 bedroomed house, which is terrific.  Oh what fun we had, removal men, cleaners who didnt speak English.  Who didnt clean the carpets UNTIL we were moving in, duh duh duh.  A screaming baby who could be heard from what seemed like miles away (but wasnt), very early morning park walking lol

I ache, oh boy do I ache.  I found myself cleaning windowsills and using a funny object with a pole and a fuzzy thing at one end, which I heard whispered was a sweeping brush......
No sewing has taken place, except in the very middle of all of this was a dash home to deliver a workshop and take the fabric shop to Desborough Patchwork & QUilters monthly meeting.  That was lovely too seeing people Ive not seen for yonks and meeting new people.
We used the Accuquilt & made flowers to applique, as my wrists are still very sore my samples were either machined or just pinned but they are a smashing group & didnt mind at all.

Then it was back to box city, I swear my daughter has shares in a plastic box company as they seem to multiply each time I entered a room.
We had been bought a brand new fabo bed, duvet, pillows, covers, curtains & cupboards full of our favourite foods, so very thoughtful and much appreciated.
My job was to play, feed, change, walk and generally be a nana.
When he reached out and touched my face and looked at me opened his mouth and kissed me, I felt like I owned the world & everyone was happy.  I cried.
Magical.  I never thought I would ever feel the same feelings as I did for my two children as babies again, but oh I am soooo grateful.

In between all of this wonderful time, I am tinged with a huge amount of sadness for a good friend of mine who has tragically lost her husband.

This evening I saw another good friend whom Ive not seen since I shifted, what seems like overnight, three stone in weight. She was amazed.  IM still amazed.  All my shorts and cut offs fall off, its hysterical like those transformation ads in the paper that I always think are airbrushed lol

Onto the stitching front.  I previously worked very hard making 2 new bags and kits and a few other bits and bobs.  Im still trying to find the best way of stacking, sorting & carting around boxes of heavy fabrics.  Mark about 10 is being trialled!

Ive been designing for new quilts for my students and have welcomed two new students who share very fond memories of my first patchwork tutor Pauline Rumbold.

Ive a Guru to write and a new workshop for Dale Rollersons Ezine (thethreadstudio.com), quick smart, so its stopathome for me for a few days.

Ive been travelling around on the tube (underground) and observing people.  In the carriage last week were I suppose 30 people EVERYONE, (except me) was on a phone, tablet or had earphones in.  No one looked up.  You know people on the tube wear really scuffy shoes, I was fascinated with that & had to giggle to myself.  I had this overwhelming bubble inside to blurt that nugget out, but thought better of it cause I would be seen as a nutcase.  I managed to travel with no incidences this time, way hey thats a first.  Had to go into Paperchase, what is it with that shop, it draws me in & its so small, especially with all the travellers with enormous suitcases trying to get in, hilarious.  I only bought a pen.  Cause I only have like a million but this one was so pretty.  Two pounds for a biro is ridiculous. £2.50 for a hot chocolate is scandalous but very yummy.
Oh at Liverpool street I was sitting waiting for the right tube (Ive learnt, not to jump on a tube and shout is this the tube for Epping any more) when this young lady dumped her holdall next to me, removed her earphones and took off her top, revealing to all a very skimpy white see through thin strapped top, no bra, then put her earphones back on, I was all astonishment to quote Caroline Bingley (Ive been reading Pride & prejuice again whilst sitting in the park with the buggy) Well I never, no I never lol

WHoops I was talking textiles & now Im going to hunt for some images.  You know one day I might just post a tutorial...you never know.  Oh there are lots of reduced fabrics  www.patchworkfabricuk.co.uk  The rep has been, oh dear.....
There was a huge spike yesterday in blog views, how odd, I wonder why?
Thanks for reading, Im not making promises lol, but  you never know.... my deli gelli is on the worktable, not soso as is all over the web but my ideas!!

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