Wednesday, 21 May 2014


I am a fabriholic.  There its out.  Im out.  I cant help it.  Why this revelation?
My fabric rep has just been & I PROMISED myself I would look and not buy
Lucky 13 bolts later.... Ive got that sort of high... you know the one if you are part of the clan.  Of course threads & notions do the same and knitting wool, needles, soldering irons, oooh silk and wool tops and yummy velvet.  There is no help, its a vice.
Here is a sneaky peek at a couple of the complete yummieness (daft word)
Clothworks - winters wings, multiple layers of text branches and various birds, I dithered between cream background and green, back and forth, where is my usual decisiveness, flown away (ouch) with all the excitement

This beautiful bag I designed
Called Revolution, is all sold out as a PRECUT kit.
So Ive ordered a new range of fabrics from Gutermann (the thread company)
called Country Chic. & tres chic they are.  The new bag will be a little different and here is just a peek at one of the new fabrics
Veros world, gorgeous.

Onto to Geliplate experimentation.  Ive had no time to add further to the Gelli Deli fun.  Deli paper is still available but Ive no more creative kits at the moment.

As I know love the world chic, a new kit will be available soon, Creative Chic, with velvet as part of the package.  I need a bit of a think, as a creative leaflet will be enclosed.
Coming soon will be more Rayon threads, as the previous 'lot' sold out in a few days.
Remember all my PRECUT bag kits are limited editions of 4 to 6, so need to be snapped up very quickly.  The same patterns are used but in different fabrics, but always a maximum of 6.
Im mulling over lampshades......
Meanwhile check out the 2m sales pieces and the remnant page over on

Happy stitching with our addictive hobby, thanks for reading x

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