Monday, 10 March 2014


Liberty of London make a fabulous fabric called Tana Lawn
Ive managed to get two pieces of this fabulous fabric called Umbitza, paisley.
Ive put it on my fabric website.

Today Ive been asked about sending fabric to the USA.  Such a shame that it costs so much over here for fabric that to return it to USA makes it a very high price.  The cost of postage is about the same from both sides.  But here in ENgland the Post Office / Royal Mail do like to charge £8 for the privilege of delivering parcels, this is on top of the p & p and any VAT charges.  Not really a global marketplace is it?
Ive had a lovely weekend in the beautiful sunshine.  My first trip to Kiddicare was an experience!  Especially with a very happy little boy whose sunny smiles and giggles kept me very entertained.  My back is giving me gipp today, no wonder when I just had to put him on every little rocking animal in the store.  Managed to get out of the shop with only the purchase of one noisy robot toy.  ANother trip to Costa (certainly the right name lol) more chocolate drunk (oh dear Shelagh)
A great celebration when my husband won the gold medal for the triple jump (over 60) at the Masters UK championships.  My grandson was fascinated with the shot put.  He caused quite a stir with his lovely little oohs and ahhs & didnt even muff when the starter guns went off he was so interested.
This lovely Riley Bake fabric Hooty Hoot has just arrived and very sunny it is too, lovely colours and jolly motif.

Ive changed the date for the Lally bag, further announcement to come.

Friday was spent making a new bag, which is not quite finished as it needs some hand sewing and my wrists are not up to it at the moment, hmmmm I wonder why lol
Hope the sunshine comes back here tomorrow, June yesterday back to March today brrrr


  1. Your new website looks fab, Shelagh!

  2. Oh I do love a paisley pattern - such a classic - and Liberty is always lovely. Postal Prices are a joke really, especially when you are trying to make a living from posting things to people! xCathy


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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