Friday, 10 January 2014


Hi from a sunny England

Ive been looking at statistics from Analytics's & its amazing that if I mention
1.  Strictly come dancing
2.  Parliament
3.  Government
4.  Sex (as in male or female, which only happened once) - hmmm that sounds a bit dodgy Shelagh, sorry
5.  Well you get what I mean
Stats go up alarmingly, search engines or bots or robots or whatever the damn things are called certainly are weird, why would you show up a stitching blog???

Hey ho, I guess I still cant realise how many millions of people (or peeps even, hey Im only 60 - rock on... David Essex, now he was yummy...WAS!)

Sorry back to stitching.  Ive decided to make a quilt.  Because well I can and I fancy doing one for the little you know who in my life.    I have just spent 2 1/2 hours in my shop faffing about with fabrics.  Youd think it would be a kind of heaven (thats another buzz word) having bolts and bolts of fabric, but noooo, its very confusing.  So delaying tactics Im on the computer, daft eh.

Still sorted now and off to stitch.
Ill try and post some images if blogger will play today
These are some of the selected fabrics, hmmm what am I going to make with these, there are many others, if I ever get to the machine I will let you know
Most of these are still on 30% sale HERE
Sale ends this evening at 9pm British time.  Parcels will be posted on Monday.

Im rambling off now x

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