Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Adult at last 18

As promised a dressed tree after cavorting up the ladder to the loft, alone and getting stuck with one arm up the hole, took a bit of wriggljng to get free. Made me think of this past year since the decorations went up. My daughters trip to ghe otherside of the world, the wondergul skype from sydney australia, with a photo, so slowly coming through the printer with our then awful internet connections, which prompted me to shout its the northetn lights and my husband to say dont be daft its the southern lights and them to say noooo look again, ill never forget screaming, its a baby, wow what a fabulous memorable moment.
This was followed by my husbands operation, then my son bought his first house, then it was my turn for a big birthday.  Then the horrid two cancer ops, followed by my darling grandson, the tooth extraction, his illness. Along the way, I Had to leave the place where I worked which was very upsetting. I started studioapatchshe and moved my classes to the fab village hall. So made me wonder about the coming year.  Took quite a time to get free but I managed to not break anything. So here is my lovely tree, day 18, time for a rest.
Tomorrow is my free workshop for all my wonderful talented students. Thank you so much for bringing such joy, hope you have a lovely day x

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