Tuesday, 17 December 2013

17 - let loose

Back on track.  Gosh I feel really cold tonight.  Lovely day with my students, such nice people  I am blessed.
Paper collage, like a Christmas card
Watched the sewing bee making stitched items, was actually quite charming, anything that is sewing related has thumbs up for me.
HAnd carved lino stamp onto fabric with acrylic paint, part of the armada series, that is ongoing in my head.

This is a thermofax screen that was made by thermosfax.co.uk
Ive used this screen over and over
I can use little parts of it which is why the sails are filled in & the lines are interesting
Stitched velvet, quilted & coloured with fabric paint

Cant get more pictures to load.

My Christmas tree is still bare but smells so lovely, it does have its new tree skirt, so odd to have a tree with no decoration son it, hopefully tomorrow it will be dressed

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