Sunday, 24 November 2013


I do try, I really do, but I cant work out just what Twitter is all about.  I have a Twitter account, I think it might be #shelaghfolgate but Im not sure.

I see that pictures are posted, ahhhhh.  I need (hmmm really do I?) to get into the 21st century especially with having a website and a facebook account to.  But can anyone help with my tweeting problem?

I am thinking of making more kits to sell.  Pre-cut kits.  I am thinking of toys out of my lovely fabrics.  What do you think?
The Sewing Compendium is popular, Im thinking of offering different fabrics, any feedback would be very welcome

Next weekend after the SALE finishes there will be an announcement of a give-a-way for Christmas.  Check back to see 'the rules'
Ive worked out that I need to clear my cache & cookies to be able to post pictures on the blog.
Sorry it keeps crashing
Thanks for reading.  Im not sure if the comment is working on here, but you can contact me with any thoughts HERE

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