Monday, 25 November 2013


Here in England the days are getting very short, well the day is the same length, I mean the daylight is fading fast.  On a dull day it is so gloomy.
A lot of people suffer from SADS & use a daylight lamp.  I have not tried one of these, but I have friends who rely on one.

This evening I have been manically hand stitching & the room is lit up so bright so as to not affect my eyesight.
I have a daylight lamp right next to me.
The reason for all this waffle is this.  I had been machine stitching under 2 daylight lamps which woke me up.  Then the hand stitching right next to the lamp.  I was wondering if one of these helps a bit as I feel very awake!  DOes anyone know?
I am watching the verdict, on the cricket & Jonathan Trotts illness.  A very good discussion.  It is excellent to see men so caring & very open about depression.  This is an illness that I have suffered on and off throughout my life.  AT the moment I am as normal as I think I ever could be.  It is only when I come out of it, that I realise how I felt.
I wish him well, there have been very many tweets of support, & alot from Australia which is heartening considering the appalling press coverage that has been happening.

The image is a manipulated one of a seashell, it resembles eyesight to me
Here is another one which would be terrific as printed fabric except for the line straight down the middle Actually now I see it large it looks a bit boring

Now this looks better
Amazing what Picassa can  do
Lucy in the sky with diamonds! comes to mind.  If you are over 60 then the Beatles song will bring back memories

Off to bed, thanks for reading x

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