Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Yey - not much actually comes down in price nowadays.  But over at studioapatchshe, the postage rates have been REDUCED
One fat quarter is now £1 p&p
Spend up to £35 & postage is now £1.75 and upto £50 it is £3.50

I do hope that you like these new charges.  I am trying to keep postage costs to the absolute minimum, so that there is more money left to buy fabric

Tomorrow my EQ7 should arrive.  Rio designs have posted it.  I cant contain my excitement.  I hope that it wont be like doing a GCSE in computer speak

Tomorrow is Halloween.  I suppose we will get the usual band of kids after sweets.  I remember the year that I was a MC at a school function.  I dressed up at home with a bright green face and black eyes, and back-combed my shoulder length hair so it stuck out with what seemed like a tin of hairspray, with coloured streaks in it.  I dressed all in black
The kids knocked on the door and I was at the hall mirror, I answered the door by swinging it open and roaring waaaaah
They all screamed ran up the drive and disappeared.
A few hours later a very terrified little one was hiding behind his mum pointing at me saying its her....what a laugh.  Funnily I didnt get any trick or treat the next year
By the way my husband went with just little red horns in his hair.
I do miss the school days, especially primary school, where I was a complete nutcase, acting in plays, singing (or yowelling with my awful voice) and backing out of a tent dressed as a Brownie!
I have no idea why I am rambling on and on, when I should be in bed, I guess its cause my nose has stopped dripping at last, hooray
Whatever you are doing tomorrow, please remember that Halloween is followed by All hallows & all souls days, this is interesting to read
I wonder why these are not celebrated?
Off to bed, I hope that the cheaper postage has cheered you up as much as me.  I am trying to keep prices down & notice that a lot of my fabrics are considerably cheaper than other much larger sites, with the cheaper postage that makes me more competitive.  Now if I could only learn how to write code for discounts...... x

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