Thursday, 31 October 2013


This morning viewed from my dining room window
Look along the branches the dew dtops look like little beads, sorry about the image, ive not tidied it ip. Its 
not easy on the tablet
Im at my daughters where its halloween and fireworks are going off.  Rant alert. Its not 5 november I am soooo fed up with firworks. I want a ban unless organised and just on 5 nov.
Bah humbug but it is very frightening huge bangs and salvos guess there is plenty of money here to waste. Grrr
Verybusy on the train and tube st pancras was stuffed with people, a guy was playing honky tonk music outside the eurostar terminal, I started jigging lol
I jumped on a tube and asked a man does this go to epping, of course he was foreign didnt know what I was saying. So ever the nitwit, to a packed carridge I shouted hi does anyone know if this is the epping tube. Well the shocked faces I might as well have stood in the nude. Heavens someone spoke, chaos phones were abandoned games were finished riot, someone spoke. Okay huge exaggeration,  a lovely lady said it was, phew faces back into phones, people became statues again. Wonder if I will make the evening news. Woman spoke on tube.....
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