Monday, 14 October 2013


Hi, Just returned from a fab day with my Grandson, driving home in the dark along the A14 when we were suddenly astonished at the new cats eyes.  Green at the junctions, bright red in the kerb, white in the lanes and orange on the edge of the outside lane.  so BRIGHT, what a bonus on a rainy dark evening
Thank you to whoever, who cant be the prat who turned the lights off and then left on about 50 on a junction to nowhere duh!
Bit of a rant coming re the cost of some workshops.  £75 for a day monoprinting, somewhere in my county, they are having a laugh, one day course.  How do these people sleep.
My prices are either 20 pound or 25 pounds for a day, no matter what I am teaching. grrr and more grrr and DONT pay it, just pure greed.
Alexander Palace yesterday was fabulous as usual, I didnt think it was quite so packed as last year, but that maybe because I spent most of the time chopsing to friends and not really looking at much, lol
The view was as stunning as ever, with the city and Canary wharf, rising out of the misty gloom like another planet
Well what did I get....
A fabulous gift from my fabulous pink  haired friend Dale of
Wow what a gift and a bag of other goodies too.  Thank you so much Dale.
What did I see...
Nicola Jarvis quilt inspired by the embroidery of the fantastic daughter, May Morris, of the great man William Morris
This is a stunning quilt, the applique birds are divine and the quilting superb.  Only thing that took the gloss off the moment was a rude woman who barked at me, madam are you finished.  Madam, who on earth uses that term nowadays.  I gave her a death stare, found her later slumped in the loos (kidding)
Back to the wonderful, there were tiles and individual drawings and they were all beautiful.
Was a bit taken aback by Double troubles work.  Some of the presentation, such as the painted canvas display boards was a bit ropey for such well known ladies.
James Hunting had a display of his fantastic work but I hated the presentation in a huge space, his work is intimate and thought provoking and the display was garish and huge and it knocked the gloss off his outstandingly good pieces.
I nearly bought a sewing machine, when a lady told us that it was 1195 pounds, bit of hyperventilating went on until the rep said it was 1995, we walked away, I wonder if she bought it? (Bernina, always such a horrid stand with miserable people)
There was a LOT of knitting & felt & fleece
But the best bit was this
Here we are again.  Dale with pink hair this year and me over a stone and a half lighter whoo hoo
This is her lovely stand.  I had a lovely time
New fabric arriving this week over in my store
Including some specials & deals & the latest classes, Ive been a bit pre-occupied with my new grandson as you can imagine, he is gorgeous, Ive been in hysterics today with his funny little grimaces.  I dont remember laughing much with my kids in the first few weeks.  What a bonus and he seems to love his nana (me) so that makes me the happiest person in the world
Facebook likes are happening, so a big thank you to those that have 'complied' please pass the shop link around.  If you are not on the UK mainland and would like to buy then please contact me & I will sort out the postage for you.  There are so many countries that British people will not sell too that I didnt want to list, so have set the fabric shop to UK mainland.  All the workshops can be bought all over the world, as they are PDF downloadable.
Dont forget that there are lots of freebie and free patterns all over the website.
Off to bed before teaching Mariko & Enchanted Garden tomorrow, looking forward to it.  Then I might just might get to play with my Gelliplate at the end of the week.  Back soon, thanks for reading x

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