Thursday, 10 October 2013


What to buy at the Knitting & Stitching show this Sunday at Alley Pally??
Well I must come back with silk hand stitch threads from thethreadstudio.  That is the main thing.  Some porcupine quills as well if there are any left.
On the Colouricious stand I want a wooden block and a couple of paints
I might have a play on the Berninas
I really want to see if there are any patchwork stands to see what fabrics they have, a bit of a reccee & of course to see the exhibitions.
Most of all to spend an hour with my friend Dale, a whole year is a long time to catch up on.
Hope the sun is shining as its a lovely view over to Canary Wharf.
Today Ive been stitching Christmas items, cutting out fabric using my new cutting mat.  After 15 years Ive treated myself to a new Olfa mat.  Wow what a difference, its not always your blade you know, check your cutting mat.  I am so glad that I can sell them now.  Olfa are the best for rotary cutters, I think.  Ive lots of mats of different sorts and the el cheapo ones are fine for craft using a scalpel, but an Olfa works fabulous with a rotary cutter & I have one that is over 20 years old, that some idiot used a stanley knife on (was not me or family but an ex student)  I was furious, now the mat is still as long but mighty thin!!!
They are expensive but oh so worth it.  Only trouble with selling them is the postage but if you are near to me then I could get you one at a really good price too!
Off to bed in a minute, had a lovely long walk & hold your breath a 100 metre JOG.  Its yearss since I used to jog, it felt sooo good, then it felt sooo bad....& now Im all over the place with my blood sugar & am waiting until my banana works its magic to go to bed, Ive lowered it too much & I dont want a hypo whilst in bed.  Seems Ive done so well with my diet and weight loss that I could come off my gliciside  (sorry about spelling) & after today I think it might be a good idea.  I never ever thought that this would happen when I reluctantly went on it.  I thought that once a diabetic started on tablets that was it forever.  I am still mystified at what happened.  Im only not eating one lot of carbs a day & doing a bit more exercise Ive lost over a stone and a half without dieting, weird.
Thats strange I only intended to post about Alley Pally then go to bed, ramble ramble, some things never change
Ive lots to reveal stitchery wise soon.
Facebook likes are growing s l o w l y, website is growing s l o w l y, Fran calls me oh impatient one. But stock is growing really fast.
Right time to snooze, thanks for reading, night x

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