Thursday, 12 September 2013


Life is full of new opening doorways so this piece using current fabrics available on the website
Is called DOORWAYS
Soon I shall be adding a NEW concept to the website, just a few glitches to sort out and I will tell all on here
There is a 'professional' type blog on the website where I am not allowed to be jokey (hey who is jokey, moi.....noooo lol) but I wont give up this blog and my lovely followers
Pattern will be available soon, all the fabrics available to purchase, if you are anywhere else except mainland UK then please contact me, for orders

I photographed this one the last day of summer before the world changed and I now have the heating on and its dull, grey and raining and really cold
The washing line seemed such a good idea & its not cause the image is not good, but when I get time to quilt it, I will post another image.  These are such lovely fabrics to use
One week to go until I am a Nana, oh goodness I cant wait, I am fizzing with excitement, been awake since 3am this morning and so has my daughter, I guess Skype will be getting a good old earole soon in the middle of the night at this rate, do Nanas have sympathy pregnancies as well!  I am totally amazed at how much I remember about being pregnant and the births, stuff Ive never thought about for seems like ever.  Seems an alternate reality sometimes, now theres a name for a quilt!
Thanks for reading, I value your support x

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