Monday, 9 September 2013

COUNTRY WALK - Where I live

I think that I dont look around where I live enough. Well I look but I dont see what beauty is around.  So I went for a ramble, up the hills to my new place of work
Passing on the way such stunning scenery as this
My friend, who comes to see me for a hand full of long grass

Another secret lane, dodge the brambles and the stinging nettles

Then arrive at this, beautiful Northamptonshire countryside, a minute from my home, fields ready for ploughing.  Look at the stunning colours the very dark green, grey blue sky and the light green aand gold fields.  I feel a colourway for stitching coming on.  In fact two days earlier I noted these colours in my phone, handy having a place to keep notes


Our local river, lol at least it has not dried up completely 

Another view of the rolling hills & the bright & stormy skies

Outside view of the Village Hall, look at the lovely large picture windows down both sides letting in a beautiful amount of light

Another patchwork idea, to mull over

This used to be a battery chicken farm, it was awful, but its not now, thank goodness

I am pleased with this picture, ready for the birds

Another lovely colourway

Lastly my friend left this, interesting print. a good mark for stitch
Ive been working on my website again.  It certainly is a time gobbler.  I need to get the basics sorted out for it to go live on the search engines.  Also to get the format set up for when the next lot of fabrics will arrive.
I will be selling to the Islands of the UK, Europe & the World, eventually.
I shall be putting up what could be a USP - yep new to me as well, it means unique selling point.  I am still debating as to if it will work
Have a looksee, Ive managed to get the right paypal button on now, thanks to my son, & no thanks to the confusion that is paypal buttons
Only a few days to go now, we have a date for the impending excitement.  I am so excited I fell all bubbly
Thanks for reading

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