Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Busy me, busy family.  Moving house, painting, cleaning, polishing, sweeping, painting, washing windows, hoovering, painting...ouch a BIG case of the DOMS
(delayed onset muscle soreness) and worse of all, starving hungry I have just scoffed a big mac, never ever again, yuk yuk and yukky, now I am tired, achy and feel sick, how on earth to people eat these things more than once, horrendous
No images, no time, but its looking good, and I must get a new vileda super mop, strange how a little thing can be so pleasing, I actually enjoyed moping the huge expanse of laminate flooring (gosh I must be tired) and now for some unfathomable reason I am actually sitting in front of the TV and there is FOOTBALL on, weird Shelagh, get a grip  My goodness these men go on and on about rubbish look like animated subutteo heehee, sorry to ramble x


  1. Whose moving house? Surely not you when you have that lovely outlook in your garden?
    Adore that bag on your header here! Its beautiful!

  2. Hi Lyn, no not us moving, gosh I could not pack everything up. Its my son, into his first owner home, a terrific 1950;s semi, its fab with some orginal features, I love it


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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