Thursday, 9 May 2013


Look at this lovely baby Panda, waving to us all
Just so cute, I could not resist it

The Splash freebie is still there, with a new link, its not downloadable or printable but it can be seen and read & also purchased.  I have been told that I am generous, too generous, so Ive taken the printing option off the freebies, perhaps thats why some of you are having problems.  Usually freebies from my NEWSLETTER (see page tab at top of blog) ARE printable & downloadable.  Sign up, its FREE

Just been out for a really SHORT walk in high winds that nearly blew me over (thats saying something), perhaps not a good idea with earache which is now awful, pill popping earache, grrr, Ive a very bored husband after his operation & I thought Id keep him company (awww)

Im looking forward to a weekend of painting & laughing with my family and friends, hope you have a good time too.  Thanks for reading x

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