Friday, 8 February 2013


Ive had such a miserable morning that I thought I would cheer myself and everyone else up with some nice photos
This is the cat of many names and her not cardboard box.  This is the remnants of my mother in laws stereo cabinet that is strong wood that my husband has made into her box.  Where the handle is flaps down with a hinge to feed her when it is raining and the roof is covered with roofing felt and also flaps up to allow for airing and to catch the rays on chilly days.  Okay we are totally mad, so in  addition, she has a mat and a jacket to sit on and peer at us through our kitchen window.  We do try to get her to come in, in fact in over 2 years she has stopped in once, in an indoor cardboard box (what is it with her and cardboard boxes)  Still being spoilt, I bought her double cream this morning and the lovely smile I got quite cheered me up for a few seconds

Sunday was my 40th wedding anniversary.  Yellow Roses & freesias were in my bouquet and these are very lovely sent from my husband and my voyaging daughter, the smell is divine.

In the bottom corner of this picture is the dreaded router that has been  driving me bonkers for a few weeks now, I cant watch any videos without the awful circling and iplayer is now non-existent, not allowing me to view the last but one (there is a name for that, oh yes penultimate) episode of Miranda grrrrr
Off to collapse in front of the TV and wallow in my unfortunate-fullness for a while.  Normal service resumed soon - to quote Mr Bennett 'and sooner than it should' x
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  1. Now thats a des res for any cat, technically homeless or not lol Its superb Shelagh......well done hubby!
    Many many congrats on your Ruby Anniversary both.........HUGS xxxx


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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