Sunday, 9 December 2012


Thanks for hanging in with me during my mini disappearances x
Ive swapped the blog around a bit to make it easier to follow
It seems from the replies that this format is preferred
Ive put the PAGES link back at the top of the blog with the CURRENT WORKSHOPS FOR SALE
These are all at very good prices.  I have experimented with video......oh dear...out came the old video camera and much fun was had looking a videos over 10 years old.  Filming Shelagh was done and now I am so sorry to all my students...ahhhhhhh, how do you put up with me....gabble gabble, silly faces and talking as though the viewer is about 5 years old...oh dear
So I tried the non facial video, just the weird this is what my hands are doing....ooooh very odd, stop the video and clean nails...stop the video and paint nails...stop the video and repaint nails without all the messy bits, hmmmm look at all the age spots, smother hands in cream, ah ha maybe try smouthering them in face base.....oh no now they look very weird and my desk is such a mess...oh I give up for today...sorry...might have to stay with written workshops, have a shuffty, see if anything grabs your interest, you can always email me: if you want more information on a particular workshop

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