Monday, 10 December 2012


Oh yeah......there is a line in Pride & Prejudice...'people do not die of trifling little colds' I love that line spoken by the hilarious Mrs Bennett (arnt we all a bit Mrs Bennett sometimes, I know that I am) when Jane rides to Netherfield...well my dear husband (not dear Wickham, but dear Folgate, hmmm not quite the same ring) has a cold, oh yes a cold.  After being woken up for the umpteenth time last night I sloped off to the spare room where I had a really weird night & a dream that at 7.30am he bought me a cup of tea, ages later I was looking for the tea only to find that it was 6.30 am, talk about disorientation!  We went to the Doctors, how daft with a trifling cold to be told hey its a VIRUS.  I dont ever remember the word virus when I was young, you had a cold, you had flu, you just got on with it but not a MAN, goodness me what a fuss.  Do you have one of these fusspot trifling men? Guess where Im sleeping tonight?  The room of the odd dreams, I guess its the solar system and stars on the ceiling brightly shining that did it, its odd 'ere int it...night all x

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