Thursday, 6 December 2012


BRRRRRR, I could just post that.  We managed to avoid the snow somehow.  I have been slouching around in the warm, doing a bit of patchwork.  I love Susan Briscoes book Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks , insert picture and what!! blogger wont do it.  I highly recommend the book, little 9 inch finish blocks, lots of applique and the pieced ones are tiny squares, some good challenges.  Nothing on the 'lets try out and see' front is forthcoming at the moment, too much going on at home and work & other things, ah ha managed to get an image, must be the cold ha!
I will endeaver to sort out a newsletter soon, so if you are new and wonder what is happening, just a bit overwhelmed at the moment.  Its sad the 2012 will soon be over, such a lot of looking forward to the Olympics and then being Jubilee as well. Also now a future monach on the way. 
Back soon, thanks for reading, my camera is having a sulk!

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