Sunday, 28 October 2012


A few weeks ago, I had a compulsion to make a bag out of some fabric given to me.  I found a lovely pattern in a patchwork magazine, that looks nothing at all like this and with much patching and piecing of small amounts of the fabric, I made this Clarice Cliff bag.  I took it to Bee Inspired to help sell the material.  I joked that if anyone wanted it, it was twenty five quid and much to my complete annoyance it was snapped up.  It should have been fifty quid, I didnt really want it sold.  I have since made another one in blue, which is going to be a workshop in the new year (locally) so will NOT be sold lol

In December I shall be teaching making this Santa Sack, free motion quilting for those who want a bash at it

Or straight stitch.  A nice workshop for a day course and the layout of the ACCUQUILT motifs can be changed and re-arranged.  Spaces are available

W I P - using my new Die. The brown fabric in the centre is my most treasured piece of Libertys fabric, at least twenty years old.  Golly Ive actually cut it cripes how did that happen?!
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