Thursday, 27 September 2012


Ive been out and about around where I live taking inspirational photographs.  Even a bog standard man hole cover looks interesting in the beautiful landscape today.  A few days of blustery & hose pipe weather have left everything swept clean & shiny

Not the golden hour but lovely shadows, a good quilting design I think, look at the difference between the shadow close too with its square edges and the one in the centre with a spherical appearance and the farthest one with its lozenge shape

Just holding on the the moisture showing 2 tones of the same green, a closer inspection is needed of this one.  All the photos will enlarge, although not taken on the very best setting, I have upped the resolution to allow closer inspection

I often walk past this lovely creature, she looks like she is dancing just for me, the post is there to give perspective

I love this lane, the twisty road and the bendy trees, I have lost the resolution in the top right hand, which is such a shame.  I dont really like to photoshop, anyway my elements are still a bit of a mystery to me!

At the top of the lane, how lucky am I to view this.  Okay I think I would love it to be St Ives in Cornwall or Lindisfarne but its not back for a few minutes stroll

On the railings by the cemetry the litchen is wonderful, would make such a good background for stitch, I just want to scrunch it all up, would also make a good dyeing scheme, yellow ochre, greeny yellow, intense blue with a smattering of cream, yummy

I encounted two more beautiful horses, they left me these mementos.  I think that I should put a filter on this, maybe embossing and see what happens.  I love the two little marks, a slash and a vee.  A few drawings should solve if it is a viable motif

Just for all of you.  Autumn in England, the hedgerow, completely stunning

One objective was to re-visit the poppy field.  This field glows lime green with what appears to be red stripes from my studio window.  I live the other side of the field.  I was expecting something akin the the poppies (in a previous post) but it was stubble!  I guess that its a trick of the light Mr Trenchcoat!

Finally for today is this little stunner, sometimes photograph DOES capture the wonder of nature & sometimes I actually am proud of my efforts
There should be a new newsletter arriving shortly with some creative ideas within.  But at the moment I need to pack my bag for my Affinity meeting tonight, atho after such a long and wonderous walk I am feeling rather tired out, oh to be 30 again and full of energy, still no moaning today, my church was peaceful & uplifting & has provoked positive endorphines.  See you soon, thanks so much for reading, comments always welcome, its much easier now, and if you wold like a free newsletter that contains exclusive content then please click on the purple bar above x
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