Friday, 21 September 2012


Yuk its cold, heating has had to be turned on, but then it would not work.  I felt so cold that I had to eat an Eccles cake, a Morrisons one which was not as nice as these usual ones
These ones are yummy, wonder if they have made them yet on the great British bake off or whatever its called

Stitchery has been at a standstill, due to the day and night job, but last night was Embroiderers Guild with Heidi Street-Ward and it was excellent, what a lovely lady, so enthusastic and very well prepared highly recommended.  I will post what we did tomorrow.

It is Open studios in Northamptonshire so my friend and I are off to view a studio, more on that tomorrow as well!!

Yep a hopeless post, so off to snooze land, hopefully, oh and the heating was fixed by Mr fixit who is still quite astonishing after 40 years, he also bought the Eccles cake! Night all, thanks for reading x

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