Tuesday, 18 September 2012


At the end of the workshop, I had a desk of what I call sweepings.
Pieces of yummy design papers and fabrics. I have done this many times.  I attach the pieces to a background in a very random but considered way, this is how the piece arrived home

A manic stitching took place using my freeform Bernina foot

Hoho a rotary cutter sprang into my hand and chop chop chop, I now have 3 pieces to work on.  I then remembered that I have 3 square canvas's (odd spelling) that are joined together, so this is the presentation

Piece number 1 (well actually 2, but this one got photographed first).
Steph Redfern requirements list said found objects.  I hunted around the huge storage depot in our house masquerading as the garage and found a little bowl with a little chip in the corner. The theme of the workshop was Into the Garden.  This bowl had trailing leaves on it & the colours reminiscent of the Strawberry Thief.
Into a bag and smash with a hammer.  So I really wanted to use it, so I did with my fabulous little pieces of 21st Century Yarns space dyed felt trimmings
This piece is machine stitched with whip stitch
Oh and a few beads
I know some of you might be saying, where is the bird and the strawberry & what happened to shape.  Its HARD, I love texture and there is a bird - well a bit of a bird - feather, and there are birds on the sweepings & also strawberry thief on the sweepings so heehee, managed to create without having a bird plonked on
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