Wednesday, 1 August 2012


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£24  -  $37.40 USD approx  -  $35.58 AUD approx  - 30.40 euro approx
A UNIQUE concept.  Learn many techniques to turn an unwanted old book into an Altered art book, then take some of the ideas further in STITCHED pages.
Stitched pages can become a book of their own or can be used as standalone designs or grouped into  a unique piece of stitched art
Below are 2 of the 4 completed pages

Here is page one, all the techniques to create this page are included in the workshop
This is textile page one, made from fabric & stitch, all the techniques to create this page are included

PAGE 2 - from the ALTERED BOOK, lots of techniques on the theme of Gardens
Page 2 Textile, using different backgrounds and products
 An OLYMPIC special offer, I am offering this complete workshop, there are 4 complete stitched pages in total, lots of ideas
Some of the REQUIREMENTS for the first lesson,
A5 size old book with a STITCHED spine

White Gesso
Black Gesso (optional)
White & black acrylic paint
Acrylic medium – either matt or gloss
Hole punch
Pinking sheers or wavy scissors or pinking blade
Staple gun & staples
Stick glue
Old paintbrushes
Eyelets or brads
A sponge
Water pot
Plastic covering for your workspace
Tissue paper
Black marker pen (sharpie type)
Pigment ink pad
Script stamp or make your own
8 pieces of fabric 12 inches by 8 inches (30 x 20cm)
1 piece of cotton wadding / batting or any other padding i.e. blanket
Fusible webbing
Requirements are not prescriptive & alternatives are suggested & can be used
Ideas contained in the workshops are for more pages than the 4 completed and stitched ones
SPECIAL OLYMPIC PRICE £24 for ALL the workshops, you can receive all the PDF files in one go or I can spread them out over 5 weeks
There is no blog or requirement to post pictures, but I will be available via email for 1 month for help and advice.
Pictures would be fantastic to receive though!
This is a huge reduction on the original price - IT IS A ONE OFF OFFER & LASTS UNTIL THE OLYMPICS ARE OVER, then it will return to its original price of £30

A  20% saving 

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