Monday, 20 August 2012


Here are some more Olympic pictures taken by my son and his girlfriend at the BMX
Look at the fabulous velodrome roof
My son was let into the velodrame to visit the little room, he was totally overawed when he pushed open the door to be in the arena, what a bonus
They really enjoyed the BMX, between the time trials there were races and demonstrations


This is Park Live, you could sit here before and after your event & experience all the joy collectively, I was too exhausted to walk to it!

Superb sky, wonderful venue

I love these ones taken at night, I was not there at night and now bitterly regret it


Look at the happy happy crowds, the stadium looks magnificent, I am eagerly awaiting the Paralympics in 9 days time

Another wonderful view of the Orbit

On a different tack, I am having a break from stitching a cushion, will show when its finished

Hope you have enjoyed these new pictures as much as I have x
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