Sunday, 1 July 2012


And so to EDINBURGH we went, to the caves.  Sounds a bit dodgy but was completely  wonderful with real candles and a lazer show and a huge arrangement of cupcakes, with the largest one I have ever seen
With its own fascinator
Much jollity was had by all, scoffing a Hog roast & delicious 'mixed up' stuff (according to my DH) & he was the fastest eater of the dessert which promoted huge laughter.
Our Swedish family & friends all sang a song in Swedish to guitar accompanyment (hmmm spell check not working)  Turned out the song was all about sex!!!!!  I had forgotten that link until then.
A lovely group of tall, slim very good looking people, lucky us!!
We staggered home to the aforementioned expensive hotel & tastefully grey bedroom

The view from out window - the most haunted something of the other...blahblah it said on the outside, good job that does not spook me
Here is Edinburgh Castle with the Olympic rings in front of it, could they be any bigger I thought
I heard moaning in a pub from the natives about the Olympics but kept my English voice very quiet.
This shop was just around the corner from the hotel, at first I thought it was a textile shop ( tired) then realised it was the Edinburgh Fringe, great little graphics I thought
One set of famous steps.  Knee crunchers I thought, interesting line design though, especially the railings
Map of Edinburgh, I have an image on the blog of a street map of London like this one, I thought that was cute

Random picture of Edinburgh, strange what you take on a holiday isnt it?

Then we we all had lunch together before we set off for our holiday, more on that in another post, but to satisfy the lack of stitching here is a piece I have just finished for my local Masterclass course
Hand stitched during the European Athletics, where we got disqualified in the womans 100m relay and dropped the baton in the mens.  Grrrr.  then I was in tears, cause the BBC did a montage of all of our gold medallists at the Olympics since they have film.  I didnt realise there were so few.  Only 3 have double medals.  Daly Thompson, Seb Coe & Kelly Holmes.  I didnt count but there only seemed to be about a dozen, I felt so proud that the tears dripped.  What is up with me I have cried nearly everyday for the past 10 days.
Had a little accident earlier, tripped over the wire from the laptop whilst looking at Dales blog and went flying across the room, landed on a wicker chair (its okay) & kicked one ankle with the other heel.  Try doing that...impressive eh.  Wow what pain, I moaned so much that I got a huge packet of hand cut crisps from DH which I have scoffed and now feel a bit quesy
Back soon with tales of Lindisfarne...oh yey! thanks for reading x


  1. It sounds to have been a truly memorable event, which is what youll all remember fondly over the years to come....if not the words to the song!!
    The caves do sound to be quite wonderful, what atmosphere........a suitable subject for a piece of work for them to keep maybe!

  2. Glad you enjoyed Edinburgh, I'm so lucky to go there at Festival - and Fringe - time with my daughter whose dog is currently keeping me company as well as my own two...looking forward to the official pics, you all looked lovely, specially Victoria!

  3. luck and sounds as though you had fun..everyone looked gorgeous, especially the bride and l love edinburgh. Must be hard to settle home again after all that excitmentxxxhappy sewingxlynda


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