Monday, 23 July 2012


Here is Pusseo aka Charlotte aka lotte aka puss aka stinky......poor little thing!
Thought this was funny look at her paws, made me chuckle

I had a lovely day today with my masterclass students, I actually remembered to take some pictures of one of the stages in their development of a piece based on flowers
All the fabrics have been coloured by the students, I am being secretive about how we did it as I am offereing this workshop later on this year online
Beginning to weave

These were commercial fabric except the background - beginning to stitch

Vibrant colours

Subtle palette - starting the next stage

Auditioning applied elements

Completed weaving with an interesting colour choice

As this is masterclass, the time ran out to show any further stages

Soon my group AFFINITY will be exhibiting at Bosworths Garden Centre, Burton Latimer, Northants, for the whole month of August.  I am not sure which pieces I will exhibit, I will make the decision this weekend, mirror plates have been bought (thanks Katy) I will post more and images in a further blog.  Time to sleep to get up early as summer has arrived, thanks for reading x

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