Thursday, 26 July 2012


Ah ha Black Puss is called Gizmo... what a silly name for a striking huge pussey cat
Gosh he is a stealth cat,frightened the life out of me.  He sneeks around so quietly and slowly and strolls in and out of our house, I turned round and the bright emerald eyes were staring at me, made me jump.  So  I shut the sliding doors, clunk...yep I have broken them, ooh there is going to be one really happy man when he returns from coaching in seering heat and visiting an even hotter hospital.
I have tried to hide it behind a curtain and a chair, I want to go and quilt my Lecien hanging, dilemma quilt /door/cat hmmmm Maybe Ill watch TV!!

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  1. Maybe he should be called Stealth. We had a ginger cat some time ago, he would just suddenly appear out of nowhere scaring you half to death.


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