Sunday, 17 June 2012

Where have I been & where am I going?

Shopping shopping shopping, food, clothes, hats, shoes, bags, fascinator....yes the wedding is a week today.  Ahhhhhh, yipeeee, ummmm.  Mother of the bride, in Lydias words 'gosh how droll that sounds' I try to not post too much personal stuff, but this is just way too exciting to keep bottled in.  I have 5 new outfits...heehee how silly and some really dodgy shoes which I cant walk in..yet..I gave up heels years ago but I must wear them and this very odd thing in my hair called a fascinator, which might end up looking a bit wild if I get time to add bits to it to personalise it, imagine..Lutradur...Evolon...heat gun and soldering iron, do I dare???

We are travelling to Scotland, as its a joining of countries Sweden & England.  Logic goes out of the window when it comes to weddings.  Its outside in a ruined Abbey, oh so beautiful and romantic.
The clothes are divine.  I wept when I saw my son in his tail coat, so very handsome
Wish them well and Ill be back sometime as We are having a holiday visiting Holy Island, I will lots of pictures I hope

Im wearing navy blue, it has been very stressful finding an outfit which didnt make me look daft.  Tall and large does not work with a vast amount of colours.
My husband has nagged for years, wear something bright.  Well he nearlly had a fit when I pranced out of the changing room with a 1950's style off white dress with huge bright blue flowers on and then a shift dress in bright yellow and lime green.  Sort of proved a point!!!
Tasteful I shall be if a tad boring ....soldering iron keeps coming back to mind, embossing powder!!!

See you soon, cant promise to blog, but will if i can, lets hope for some good clear weather, but we have huge umbrellas and it will be fun x


  1. Have a brilliant wedding and birthday, look forward to the photos....Ruth x

  2. Well, congratulations. Have fun and don't forget to breathe. It will all work out OK. I hope the weather holds out.

  3. GO girl and have great fun...........good luck to the couple themselves and hope you and hubby have as lovely a day too xx

  4. Weddings are beautiful, even if the weather isn't. Wish you a happy time. And go for the jazzed up fascinater!


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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