Monday, 11 June 2012

Stitch magazine

I dont buy many magazines nowadays, but today I looked through the new Stitch with the Embroiderers Guild mag with some lovely articles in it.  Interesting as we were using the smashing machine and the hand felting needles.  I now have to buy the Clover machine and the brush.
Very different effects with the single hand felting into sponge, multiple into sponge, Clover into brush and the smashing machine.  I also have the childrens machine, what an enjoyable lesson with lovely inspiring students.  On a really wet grotty day it was a pleasure to go to work

Tomorrow I am teaching Fabric Manipulation, a whole day messing about with bits of fabric - bliss, hope it stops raining soon
This is a fantastic book, would be terrific if I could find my copy, but I cant so I will use my Jennie Raiment book which has a lot of techniques from Colette Woolfes book, but written in a much easier format.
Oh goodness the TV is still going on about the England football match & the awful floods, I feel so sorry for the people loosing all their stuff.  I am glad that I live on a hill, but wont ever crow about it, as there is a drain about 6 foot higher than my garage which could overflow.  I moved all the precious photos upstairs years ago when we had a flood in our county, fortunately the little concrete lip that the silly (not so silly) builders built in front of the garage doors saved the garage and all the contents.  We have another house in the garage, isnt that what they are for..?.... night off to bed, have not finished explaining all the workshops yet as its getting wedding fever time here only a few days to go, how exciting, please wish for beautiful weather for Scotland as the wedding is outside in a ruined Abbey...heels or wellie boots hmmmmm I will look great in my flowing chiffon dress with boots at least they will hide my manky ankles and save me having to wear tights (no not stockings, we have a two hour ride on a jolly bus, singing Abba songs...hohoho...if you know me then you know why...secret squirrels)

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