Tuesday, 5 June 2012


What a fabulous weekend, how proud am I to be British...hugely...how wonderful to see the UNION FLAG everywhere, in all the streets, on the cars, on the people.  What a unified nation we can be.
I have so enjoyed our Jubilee weekend.
From the dreadful rain and mist on Sunday to the glorious sunshine on Monday with the fantastic concert to today with the parade and my favourite fly past which made me cry, much to the amusement of my son, who could not understand why the sight of all the people in the mall & the Red Arrows would make me so emotional.

I think Tom Jones & Gloria Jones stole the show.
She hula hooped whilst singing to the river all the way through, fascinating, what a figure, another wow
I love Stevie Wonder has always been a favourite of mine, I am a Tamla Motown lover
Madness sang Our House on the top of Buckingham Palace whilst it was lit up to look like a block of flats, hilarious.  Oh it was just wonderful.  I am watching it again lol
Yesterday there was a party on our local village green, the road was closed and it was such fun, packed with people.
The new song SING is great
I do hope that you have had a lovely weekend xx


  1. It was great wasn't it!xxlynda

  2. I watched it all and although I thought the comedians were lame, all but Peter Kaye lol it was incredible your right.
    Madness singing Our House was priceless!
    Grace Jones scares me to death at the best of times, why did she needf a blummin hoola hoop?! She has an amzing body for her age but frankly she looked like an automatum!!
    It was an eventful weekend and lets hope it sowed seeds of cultural identity amongst us all!


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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