Saturday, 9 June 2012

Aol, favourite places, email & ahhhhhh...& a Tutorial

Tearing hair out, jumping up and down and sorta screaming....I cant access my email through my provider aol and now all my favourite places have vanished, in fact everything has vanished.
So a google search provides a really techie answer which my brain wont compute (ah) at the moment
So I am CROSS with a big X
As respite from these problems, my husbands friend visited and sorted out how to sell on eBay.  Great I have been trying to teach my husband for years, will he listen to me........ but his friend oh yes its all working now...fume ...fume.  So whilst they were sorting it all out, I sewed and sewed whip stitch around a circle, my goodness it took over an hour to go round a three inch circle
So the weather didn't rain today whoo hoo, dried washing outside, what a bonus and at 4pm the sun came out, so we went into our town centre and what was the market place to support our son with his BOUNCY CASTLE business called BOUNCY WOUNCY
The place was full of street dancers, really loud thumping music, lots of stalls, this fabo castle & lots of people having huge fun.  The castles are really good and the kids were all having a great time
So I sat on a wet seat (well I would) in the sunshine and enjoyed the experience
On the stitchery front, I have been designing a flower vase with the embellisher machine for my Design to stitch class on Monday & a hanging for a class in July with silk rods & weaving (hmmm tempting??)  I have been making applique blocks inspired by Susan Briscoes fantastic Taupe book to make into a patchwork organiser using my ill gotten gains from the sneaky trip to Malvern
I surfed the net for some ribbon tape which was really expensive so I stitched my own.  £2.99 for one metre of what is India tape with a bit of printing on is extortionate in my view, then there is the issue of postage, on Etsy some of the places want £2.50 plus to post a metre (yard) of tape.  That made me mega cross.  First class postage is now 60p so where does the extra nearly 2 quid come from.
So make your own like this
1. Cut a piece of fabric 1 inch wide
2.  Score a line on the wrong side a quarter inch from each edge
3.  Using the iron press the seam towards each other
4.  Press from the front side, this makes 'bias' binding but its not bias as its on the straight
5.  Cut off twice the required length
6.  Fold the tape in half wrong sides together
7.  Whip stitch or ladder stitch the two pieces together
There your own tape, which matches your fabric and costs enth of a penny.  Okay does take a bit of time, but what is time when its your hobby, do it whilst watching rubbish on the box
Sorry cant really be bothered to take photos of each stage

There is a shopping bag on the floor next to me with croissants peeping out saying eat me, I shall have to go and put them away, my naughty husband bought them, I bought cherries and plums
croissants / plums
No contest, no wonder I am fat & diabetic and my knees are giving me gip
Have a lovely evening / day where ever you are, I hope the sun shines on some of your day and lifts your soul
Thanks for reading x

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  1. jean showed me something today ( jeans muse blog tho dont think shes put it on there yet, )that looks interesting.. for making a turned in tape like you describe i think.
    Buy those cheap craft knives, the several for a pound shop kind, that have long thin blades that you snap off to renew them?
    take the blades all together and the plastic container that holds the long thin blade ...if you manouvre a strip pf fabric thru folds in on itself as you pull it through!
    Am off to buy el cheapo craft knives at car boot tomorrow!
    jean had seen it on a blog somewhere, to make uniform strips of fabric to braid for rug making so the edges were neatened.


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